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At Appliance Repair Topeka KS we make it our goal to help homeowners and businesses keep their appliances working for the long haul. Nothing sucks more than going over to your washing machine or freezer to find out it's not working anymore. As we strive to become the best appliance repair service company in the area, we try to make it out the same day you call us. Below is a list of the appliances we work on. If you have questions please give us a call today!

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Appliance Repair Service Topeka KS

Finding a good appliance repair service in Topeka Kansas doesn't have to be hard thanks to the internet. To find a high quality appliance repair company be sure to talk to them about the problem your having over the phone before scheduling an appointment. Make sure they are knowledgeable about your appliance and have an idea of what might be wrong with it.

The key to a successful diagnostic is to do your homework before we or they ever get to your house or place of business. Take notes about what you hear and anything out of the ordinary. We usually always ask to make sure everything is plugged in correctly and to make sure non of the breakers are tripped. If the problem seems simply we would much rather help you over the phone instead of coming out to save you some money.

Once we arrive at your house will take a look at your appliance. Many times we can find the problem and fix it in the first visit. By chance we can't, will schedule a follow up appointment so we can install the new part. If you have any questions please give us a call today. We are open 24/7. 

Areas we provide appliance

​repair services:

Washer & Dryer Repair

Having a fully functional washer and dryer is so important, especially for young families and those who don't want to go to the laundry mat and wait for their cloths to get cleaned. Calling the right company that can repair washers and dryers the first time is very important. For the best washing machine repair in Topeka KS be sure to give us a call. The most common washing machine problems we see include the drain hose leaking during the spin cycle, the fill hose leaking during the filling cycle. We also see problems with the motor, water-inlet-valve, drain pump, tub and the list goes on. If your having a problem with your washing machine and you want it fixed please give us a call. We will ask you what it is doing and if it sound like something we can talk you through over the phone we will do that. If you sound like something more complicated or if were not sure you can always schedule and appointment with us.

If you are having problems with your dryer give us a call today because we are the best company that handles Dryer Repair in Topeka KS. When you give us a call be sure to explain to us the problem you're having as clear as possible. We actually recommend for people to write down any weird smells, noises before giving us a call. The most common problems we see and hear from our customers include the dryer is not heating, the dryer is squeaking, or the dryer is leaking water. These problems can be caused by a lot of things including a Bad Fuse, a Bad Temperature Switch, Bad Thermostat, Bad Heating Coils, Bad Rollers & the list goes on and on. When people call us out to repair their dryer most of the time we can repair it in the first visit because we have spare parts in our trucks. In the case we do not have have a spare part will setup a return visit to install it. If you have any questions please give us a call today at 785-201-9637. 

Refrigerator Repair Topeka

Nothing is worse then coming home to find out the food is warm and all the ice cream is melted. At Appliance Repair Topeka KS we offer the best refrigerator repair service  because we fix a lot of them. As technology is integrated more and more into our appliances we seem to experience more problems with them. If you think your refrigerator has taken a dump on you please give us a call since these appliance tend to be a bit more trickier to fix.

Some of the most common problems we see include the fridge not getting cold enough which can be causes by a faulty defroster thermostat or the condenser coils are extremely dirty and need to be cleaned. Another likely problem could be from a kink or tear in the water-inlet-valve and a few other culprits are likely on top of that.  

Every once in awhile Topeka Kansas can get his with some pretty rough electrical storms / lightning or a power surge from the local power company. If you have checked to make sure your refrigerator is plugged in but it still wont work most likely your control board on your unit was destroyed by a power surge. If this was the case the only solution is to replace the control board.

The last problem we see a lot of is the water dispenser isn't working. This can be cause by a build up of minerals in your water filter so ask your self when was the last time you replaced your water filter. Another likely culprit might be the water valve behind your refrigerator is clogged up with minerals and over time it has built up so much no more water can get through. If you are experiencing other problems not list be cause to give us a call of visit the refrigerator page on the website to learn more about what might be wrong with you unit. 

Stove Repair Topeka Kansas

Stove Repair

Getting your stove repair in Topeka KS is something we can do for you. Every once in awhile we get call from customer explaining to us their stove top is not getting hot or it's making a clicking sounds. If it's an electric stove check to see if all of the burners are effected or if it's just one burner. If it's just one burner the likely culprit is the heating coil has gone bad or gotten disconnected some how. Now if all of the burners are not working you might have an electrical problem which was probable caused by an electrical surge, the fix would be to replace a blown fuse in that case.

The most common problem we get with gas stoves include the ignition switch wont light or there is no gas. If you turn the gas to the on switch but you never get the flame to start but just smell gas that means you have a problem with your ignition switch. The other issue with the flame not starting is no gas is entering into the hose in that gas you may have a gas leak or flow issue. When working with gas make sure you have lots of air flow to prevent inhaling the gas or igniting it accidentally. If you have questions about your stove not working you can contact us today 785-201-9637.     

Oven & Range Repair

Is your cooking experience not enjoyable because you have a part broken on your over or range? Not only is this frustrating, but it can ruin a family meal if a burner wont turn on, or it gets too hot or maybe the oven is heating at erratic temperatures. If you are having an issue with your over or range, give our technicians a call so you can get those tasty meals back on the table. We repair all types of electric and gas ovens and have seen a wide range of problems with this kitchen appliance. Give us a call to today to schedule your appointment. 90% of the time, we have the parts to fix it on the spot. 785-201-9637

dishwasher repair Topeka ks

Dishwasher Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than dirty dishes piling up because you have a broken dishwasher. Dishwashers are extremely efficient at washing dishes, saving you a ton of time. And a broken dishwasher is anything but convenient. There are many issues you may be facing with a broken dishwasher. From dirty dishes after a wash, to the washer not draining after a cycle is complete or maybe you have the dreaded dishwasher leak. Our appliance repair professionals can quickly identify the problem and get your dishwasher working properly again. Give us a call today and we will give you a free no hassle estimate, so you know you are getting the best service at an affordable price. ​

Freezer Repair near Topeka KS

Freezer Repair

When you notice the ice cream in your freezer is melting, and realize nothing is staying frozen, you may have a problem. The freezer is a convenient appliance that should remain below 0 degrees or below to ensure safe food storage. Our expert technicians are skilled and knowledgeable about many types of freezer issues so you can trust knowing we will take care of you. Other problems you may be facing include the door seals are damaged and you can feel cool air escaping. Or perhaps the freezer is making noises during operation. Neither of these things are normal and you should call our professionals to quickly identify the problem and prevent you from having ruined food. We are committed to getting the job done right the first time. Because when our customers are happy, we’re happy. Give us a call today if you need help troubleshooting a problem. 785-201-9637

Why Choose Us? 

Here at Appliance Repair Topeka KS, we comprehend how annoying it can be when your home appliances let you down. There's absolutely nothing even worse than your refrigerator packaging in and leaving you with a stack of fresh fruit and vegetables and no place to save them. Or your cooker lets you down when you're preparing yourself to prepare a tasty meal for you and your pals. When things fail with devices, they do so at the most bothersome times and you require a reputable business that provides appliance repair in Topeka to get your home appliances back in working order as rapidly as possible, so you can return to normality.

When it pertains to discovering an appliance repair business in Topeka that you can count on, look no more than Appliance Repair Topeka KS Experts. We are dedicated to supplying appliance repair in Topeka that citizens can depend upon to do the job right. Our service technicians are trained to the greatest requirement and we utilize the most current tools, innovations, and devices to return your home appliances to their initial working order.

Whether in the house or in the office, stopping working home appliances can trigger big disturbance to your day. Oftentimes, we do not recognize simply how greatly we count on our home appliances to make our lives simpler and assist us make it through our everyday jobs with ease. And, when your appliance lets you down you require a relied on, skilled and experienced business that specializes exclusively in appliance repair in Topeka to get you back on track.

Since there are so many other appliance repair companies in Topeka Kansas. We think we might be the best for you because we are a newer company that wants to become the best in Topeka Kansas. This means we're willing to go the extra mile to make our customer happy.  Every appliance repair technician that we hire has at least been in the industry for more than 1 year. We think this is important because they understand how to help customers and fix the problem they run into each and every day which it fixing your appliance. We also offer professional service and experience that is hard to beat with any other company in Topeka KS. If you have a question about your appliance repair please give us a call today so we can arrange a professional appliance repair technician to met with you at your location.

Because we're family-owned and operated, we treat you and your furry friends like part of our own Family! 

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Our group of extremely trained, expert and friendly professionals has actually been using appliance repair in Topeka for more than ten years. Through our top-rate services, personalized method and premium craftsmanship, we have actually made a track record as the go-to appliance repair business in Topeka locals have actually counted on. Each of our specialists goes through a strenuous background check to guarantee that they are the best individual for the task therefore you understand you are constantly in safe hands.

We repair and set up all sort of devices for both our property and industrial customers. No task is too huge or too little and no matter what make, design or brand name your appliance is, you can feel confident understanding you remain in the right-hand men with Appliance Repair Topeka KS. We exceed and beyond for our customers, providing prolonged hours from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Sunday so that you're never ever waiting too long to get your appliance back to being totally functional. And, to even more reveal our commitment to our customers and our dedication to our craft, we never ever charge additional for weekends or calls after 4 pm.

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We are in touch with the very best suppliers so that we constantly have the ideal part at hand to repair your appliance as promptly as we can. Utilizing the very best parts, we make sure our professional technicians are supported by quality parts that will stand the test of time. With this winning mix, you can be sure the appliance we repair will last and you conserve money and time moving forward by selecting the best appliance repair business in Topeka that is committed to quality.

With over ten years of experience in appliance repair, you can trust you are making the ideal option by contacting Appliance Repair Topeka KS. Our commitment to quality parts and service, combined with our large experience, makes us the top appliance repair service in Topeka KS. Relied on by the neighborhood and constantly ranked as the leading appliance repair business in Topeka, we are constantly all set to assist you out with all of your appliance requires.

Call today at 785-201-9637 to arrange a call-out and talk with our friendly and extremely educated personnel. Whether you require a brand-new part for your appliance, desire us to install your brand-new appliance for you or are having issues with your existing appliance, we have the abilities, enthusiasm, and knowledge to do the job right. Completely guaranteed, certified and trustworthy, our credibility promotes itself.

At Appliance Repair Topeka KS we constantly aim to provide a top-notch service, utilizing quality parts. Our commitment to constantly doing the absolute best that we can for our clients has actually brought us to where we are today. We are constantly establishing our frying pan, brushing up on our deal with older designs and we constantly remain updated with present innovations and advancements in the market so that we stay one action ahead and prepared to provide the very best appliance repair service in Topeka Kansas.

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